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Rhythms of Grace: How One Church Feeds Special Needs

Rhythms of Grace is relatively simple, affordable, and adaptive and can be effectively used to bring the Gospel to people not currently being served. Designed for those on the Autism spectrum, it is also very welcoming to individuals with other diagnoses like Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, ADHD, Down Syndrome, and neuro-typical children with ordinary wiggly squigglies, as well as youth and adults.

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First Communion for Children with Special Needs

All children can prepare for and receive the grace of the sacraments. When God invites, God provides. And when God provides, grace abounds! This moving story of Sue and Hector provides a powerful lesson, and practical suggestions for first communion for children with special needs.

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Is Your Church Accessible?

The largest group of persons with disabilities is your own group of parishioners over 76. Each of us, if we live long enough, will incur one or more disabilities.

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What’s Up with “That” Kid?

There is a challenging child in every group. As Christian educators we learn about Autism, Asperger’s, learning disabilities, and physical disabilities. We do everything in our power to meet children where they are and welcome them into our midst. We know Christ calls us to do so.

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Hidden Disabilities

Students with hidden disabilities can be a handful. Fellow students dislike them. Teachers are wary. But these students need not be lost in the shuffle or ostracized. Educators, parents and the students themselves can-working together-change the attitudes and behaviors causing so much trouble.

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Helping the Unlikeable Student

It is difficult to admit—even to ourselves—that there are students we don’t like. It’s embarrassing: Aren’t we supposed to have good feelings for all of our students? Ideally, yes, we would like all of our students. But we are real people, dealing in the real world with some very difficult students.

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Autism in the Classroom: Tips for Teachers

The chances that a child on the autism spectrum participates in your Church School is very likely. Since most Church School teachers are volunteers with little training in working with children who have special needs, how can we make sure we are ministering to the child and the adult in our classrooms?

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