Houses for Change: Lenten Boxes to Help the Homeless

Houses for Change: Lenten Boxes to Help the Homeless

“As you do it to the least of these who are my brothers and sisters you have done it unto me.”
Matthew 25:35 




A New Take on Mite Boxes
Mite boxes are one of the many wonderful traditions of Lent. They engage children in the values of compassion and charity through the daily act of praying and giving; and the funds collected help the most vulnerable in our communities. Houses for Change collection boxes are a new spin on mite boxes, providing an activity and a way to raise money for a worthy cause.

Using arts supplies and their imagination, children decorate pre-ordered Houses for Change boxes to create their own unique “house.” During Lent, they fill their boxes with loose change and at Easter donate the money saved to any “house” project, such as a homeless shelter, a food bank or a related mission. Houses for Change can be done by your family or by your church. Whoever organizes the project decides which organization or mission will receive the Lenten donation.

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Helping the Homeless
Houses for Change
 is a national campaign for kids with homes to help kids without. Since it was launched at the end of 2010, more than 17,000 kids in over 150 cities have participated in this project. Houses for Change has been used at community service days and birthday parties. It has been adopted by families, schools, congregations, homeless organizations, and YMCAs to engage their youth in a meaningful service project.

Houses for Change is sponsored by Family Promise, a non-profit organization that mobilizes communities to help homeless and low-income families. Check out the details about how to organize the project, great photos of proud kids and parents with their creations, educational materials to download, and an online store to order the inexpensive undecorated boxes.



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