ON Scripture: A Resource for Adult Faith Formation

ON Scripture: A Resource for Adult Faith Formation

Odyssey Network’s ON Scripture -The Bible: connecting Sacred Texts with a modern world

What is ON Scripture?

  • A multi-media resource to explore the relationship between the Bible and our lives today.
  • Lectionary-based, thought-provoking, and complete with discussion questions and direction to learn more.
  • Free.
  • Led by faith leaders, ordained and lay, and partnered with Sojourners, Patheos, and Day1.

How does it work?

The link above will take you to Odyssey Network’s homepage. Scroll down to Latest Posts. Posts are chronological and are based on the Revised Common Lectionary. This Sunday’s readings are the most current video/discussion. You’ll see an embedded video and a title and scripture link. Clicking the title will bring you to a page that has both the video and the short commentary and questions. A brief author biography is at the very bottom of the page.

The videos are short, some under 2 minutes, none over 5. A well-produced mix of good audio and brilliant visuals makes each video watchable and engaging. Questions asked to “people on the street” would be easy to ask of your small group or adult forum. The commentary connects scripture, tradition, and current issues ranging from economic inequality to birth order to civil rights and more.

There are a few minor issues with ON Scripture.

Not every page has well-linked Additional Resources. Further reading would require just a few more minutes of internet work.

There is a definite progressive/liberal slant to the issues presented. However, each commentary is solidly grounded in scripture and tradition. Using this resource, it would be important to allow for a supporting environment to allow for dissenting voices.

Have you used ON Scripture in your small group or adult forum?

Do you feel your group made connections between the Word and the world? Between scripture, tradition, and the lives we live today?

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