Singable Songs & Hymns for Children

Singable Songs & Hymns for Children

“We are living in a global world, and using music and song is one way we can help children connect to other children around the world.”




Music and faith
One of the main purposes of Christian formation is to inspire and equip our flocks to minister to others in need.  Songs might help us in doing that by leaving children with a statement of this important aspect of the Christian life and faith and in a form that might “stick” with them over the course of a lifetime.

A number of excellent hymnals from the Episcopal Church are available; several packed with songs appropriate for use with children. Children can learn about other cultures through song, and learn how we all worship the same God in a variety of ways and styles. We are living in a global world, and using music and song is one way we can help children connect to other children around the world. If studying missionary work in other countries during the coming season of Lent is part of your program plans, perhaps these songs can also serve as a bridge to understanding Christians around the world.

Here are some resources and samples of recommended songs:

My Heart Sings Out, ed. Fiona Vidal-White

  • # 50 Let us talents and tongues employ (traditional Jamaican melody)
  • # 68 Listen, my friends (traditional Chinese song, marked for use with finger cymbals)
  • # 73 Look up!
  • # 77 I, the Lord of sea and sky

For Use with Younger Children:

  • # 80 The light of Christ
  • # 82 Come now, O Prince of Peace (use of verses 1 & 2 recommended)
  • #109 I am the Church
  • # 112 May your loving spirit
  • # 156 Bendice, Senor, nuestro pan

Hymns of Glory, Songs of Praise, compiled by The Church Hymnary Trust, UK

For Use with Younger Children:

  • # 144 I love the sun
  • # 752 Alleluia (South African)
  • #753 Honduran alleluia
  • #756 Bless the Lord (Kenyan traditional song)
  • #763 God bless to us our bread (and give bread to all those who are hungry – Argentina)
  • #765 God’s love is for everybody
  • #771 If you believe and I believe (Zimbabwean variant of English folk melody)
  • #784 Lumiere de Dieu (Sisters of the Grandchamp Community, Switzerland)
  • #788 Mungu ni mwema (Know that God is good, Republic of Congo)
  • #800 Thuma mina (Jesus send me, South Africa)
  • #803 We will walk with God (Swaziland)
  • #805 Your will be done on earth, Lord (South Africa)
  • # 779 Zimbabwean liturgical acclamation (with alleluia response to Cantor)

Lift Every Voice and Sing II: An African American Hymnal

  • 62 In Christ There is No East or West
  • 156 Come to Me (Ye who are hard oppressed)
  • 159 Lift Him Up
  • 164 Do Lord, Remember Me
  • 175 Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen
  • 197 Leave it There
  • 281 Prayer for Africa

Voices Found: Women in the Church’s Song

  • #70 One small child
  • #52 Come, Great Creator (for soloist and group response)
  • #24 When, like the woman at the well
  • #58 Spirit of God (you moved over the waters)

Wonder Love and Praise, A Supplement to The Hymnal 1982

  • #787 We are marching in the light of God (with English, Spanish and South African lyrics)
  • #778 We all are one in mission
  • #780 Lord, you give the great commission
  • #784 Hallelujah!  We sing your praises! Haleluya! Pelo tso rona!  (South Africa)
  • #794 Muchos resplandores (Many are the light beams)
  • #796 Unidos (Together)
  • #806 If you believe and I believe (Zimbabwean traditional)
  • #812 I, the Lord of sea and sky
  • #822 Through north and south


Cindy Coe is a Christian Formation Consultant based in Knoxville, Tennessee.   She is a member of the Diocese of East Tennessee Christian Formation Team and was one of the writers for “The Abundant Life Garden Project”. She blogs at ETChristianFormation.


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