This Changes Everything: Day Camp Bible Study (Lutheran Outdoor Ministries)

This Changes Everything: Day Camp Bible Study (Lutheran Outdoor Ministries)

This Changes Everything: Day Camp Bible Study

Note: Because this is a perennial VBS, the review has not been updated since it was originally written.

Cost: $100.00 (download)

As part of its series of resources for camps, Lutheran Outdoor Ministries has created separate Bible studies for day camp ministry. The emphasis of the materials is on God’s love for all people and for creation. The goal of the Bible study is to create a new community of followers of Jesus Christ who reflect God’s love for the world. Included in the VBS Bundle are curriculum development resources to help users organize their programs, plan “back home” activities, and work with special needs campers.

The curriculum is a welcome addition to both camps and churches that offer outdoor day camp experiences. The resources are age appropriate, with activities that include sound teaching and learning practices. Learning objectives are clearly stated, emphasizing both learning about biblical stories and applying that learning to the lives of the campers. Study materials are easy to use, with lists of materials and clear guidelines to gather the group and work through the various components.

The theology of the program reflects its goals by emphasizing God’s love and the goodness of God’s creation—including the participants, both young and old. Prayers are both spiritual and affirming, focusing both on individuals and the group.

Age Levels:     Preschool, Elementary


X          One week of Bible study                    

X          Guidelines for creating Bible study groups

X          Guide for using the resource in a camp setting


  • Enriches day camp programs with age-appropriate Bible study.
  • Curriculum bundle provides excellent tips on using the Bible study in a camp setting.
  • Bible study reflects a theology based on God’s love for all creation.
  • Each session stands alone and could be adapted for use in other settings.
  • Can be used in camps with children from different denominations.


  • Cannot stand alone as a VBS program.
  • It would be difficult, if not impossible, to use with campers from diverse faith traditions.

Reviewed by Dorothy Linthicum.

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