A Litany for Teachers: “Jesus Was a Master Teacher”

A Litany for Teachers: “Jesus Was a Master Teacher”


Praying for Teachers

This litany can be used at a worship service or training session for teachers and volunteers. Simply divide your group into two halves, and pray the litany as follows:


Leader: Jesus was a Master Teacher

Left: His disciples called him rabbi

Right: which means teacher.

All: We call Jesus Master and Teacher.


Leader: Jesus taught using a variety of methods:

Left: By bringing a child into the midst of adults,

Right: By writing in the sand,

Left: By telling stories, asking questions,

Right: By leading by example.


Leader: Jesus told vivid stories:

Left: Of a man attacked by thieves,

Right: Of finding lost coins, lost sheep and lost sons.


Leader: Jesus taught with examples that were familiar:

Left: About lamps, salt, and leaven,

Right: About sheep and shepherds,

All: About seeds, vines, bread, and wine.


Leader: Jesus took time away from the crowds:

Left: To pray,

Right: To be with friends,

All: To be refreshed and renewed.


Leader: Jesus challenged his hearers to commitment:

Left: “Sell all that you have and give to the poor.”

Right: “Turn the other cheek.”

All: “Follow me.


Leader: Jesus fulfilled his purpose

Left: to reveal God’s love

Right: and to help us respond to God’s love.


Leader: Thanks be to God for Jesus:

Left: Master

Right: Teacher

All: Amen!


Adapted by Sharon Ely Pearson, from “How to Train Volunteer Teachers” (Abingdon Press, 1991). 


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