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A Church Reinvents Adult Education with a Bible and a Blog

I wanted to share something my parish is doing that is breathing a lot of life into our adult formation. It is easy to do, and the congregation is loving it. Also, in terms of planning, I am not having to create new and topics every week. It is based in Bible reading, but has some advantages over the Bible in a Year challenge.

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Three Common Questions About Funerals

When we allow ourselves to face death with our faith, we find that life becomes more urgent and meaningful and can help us live more intentionally. Here are three things to consider when talking about funerals.

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The Adult Learner: 9 Points to Remember

Adults maintain the ability to learn throughout the life cycle, and education in church can make strong impacts. Invite them to participate in the learning and give them a chance to bring what they know into the process.

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