An Episcopal Perspective on the Child Refugee Crisis

An Episcopal Perspective on the Child Refugee Crisis

As Central American children stream across the US border in unprecedented numbers, congregations across the country are moving from adding a line in the Prayers of the People towards meaningful engagement, both in worship and personal action.

If you are looking for faithful response, more information, or routes for advocacy, we have collected a few resources.

A very short video on the origins of the crisis and US policy response can be found here, produced by GE.

This week both the Presiding Bishop, Katharine Jefferts Schori, and the President of the House of Deputies, Gay Clark Jennings, published commentaries and reflections on the massive influx of child refugees from Central America.

The Episcopal and the United Methodist Bishops of Los Angeles visited the child detention center in Port Hueneme, CA, a part of their dioceses.  With Muslim and Jewish faith leaders, they have prepared worship materials for the Interfaith Weekend of Compassion and Prayer for Unaccompanied Migrant Children.  The prayers from all three faith traditions can be found here, along recommendations for readings from Scripture and hymnody. Also included is some history and ideas for advocacy, should you feel called to do so.

Bishop J. Jon Bruno of Los Angeles concluded his weekly commentary with this prayer:
“May we remember that Jesus calls us to care for those in need; “to the least of these” Jesus calls us to provide food, shelter, clothing, and healing. May we work to eradicate the violence that is claiming the lives of innocent children and adults in Central America – and let us reshape the narrative around the plight of unaccompanied minors from the mindsets of scarcity and fear to the generosity and mercy in which God embraces us all.”



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