Ellis Reyes Montes (he/him/his)

Ellis Reyes Montes is an accomplished musician and writer. He is a life-long Episcopalian from Houston, Texas, and pursues his passions in music and writing with the loving support of his family. He often leads music and liturgy around the Episcopal Church, and he is a Story Weaver with the Beloved Community StorySharing Campaign. In addition to researching and leading church music and facilitating story sharing, he performs with various ensembles around the country, and he maintains a blog: openlyepiscopalian.blogspot.com, and a podcast, The Faithful Music Master, where he seeks to investigate the love of God for all of God’s creation. He is currently pursuing his doctoral studies in historical music at McGill University. Whenever he is not writing or practicing/performing, he can be found studying languages, playing bridge, gardening, or reading.