10 Easter Encouragements for Ministry Leaders

10 Easter Encouragements for Ministry Leaders

“Know that God is eternal, and thus there is always a new chapter. Jesus is with us every day. Every year.”

Happy Easter from Lifelong Learning at VTS

As you may know, Building Faith is published by the department of Lifelong Learning (LLL) Virginia Theological Seminary. We are dedicated to serving you. On this Easter Monday – whether your work in a church or other setting – you may be feeling a mix of fatigue, exhilaration, joy, solemness… and probably much more.

The following words of encouragement were compiled by our LLL staff members, who have experienced many Easters in many churches. Easter blessings to you from Lisa Kimball, Dorothy Linthicum, Amy Dyer, Matthew Kozlowski, Charlotte Hand Greeson, Sarah Stonesifer, and Sarah Bentley Allred.

10 Encouragements on Easter Monday

1. Take Time
Give yourself a moment to reflect on the glorious event of Easter. Emphasis on take time.

2. Rest 
It’s ok to sleep today; remember that you have 50 days to live into the season of the Resurrection. There will be more – many more – glimpses of the empty tomb.

3. You Have Touched Many People
Give thanks for all the lives you have touched during Lent and Holy Week.

4. Alleluia Returns! 
Think about how you live into the joy of Alleluia. It could be as simple as a bubble bath, or a special walk. The point is matching an action to the season.

5. Expect God’s Power
Easter shows us that God does things. We have witnessed the power of God in Jesus rising from the dead. So expect great things; expect changed lives!

6. No Low Sunday
Resist the tired trend of calling next weekend’s worship “low Sunday.”

7. Walk with the Risen Christ
Remember that Christ is always the Risen Christ. However you feel; however you find yourself today… Christ is risen, always!

8. Make a Few Ministry Notes
Practical point: take a moment to reflect on Holy Week and Easter (worship, services, programs, etc.) Write down everything that went well, what you would change, etc. Do this while it is fresh in your mind.

9. There is Always a New Chapter
Know that God is eternal, and thus there is always a new chapter. Jesus is with us every day. Every year.

10. Watch for Growth
In your ministry you have planted seeds. Now wait and watch to see things grow.

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  1. Suzanne Haraburd

    Thank you very much for this. I need to be reminded that when God gives me a gift, the best first response is to take time to enjoy the gift.

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