Intergenerational Event: Create Bible Stories With Legos!

Intergenerational Event: Create Bible Stories With Legos!

“Ring a bell when the time is up and ask each table to share about their creations. This discussion will lead to deeper engagement and shared learning.”


Generations Engaging Bible Stories Together

If you are looking for a fun and engaging way for generations to learn together, try offering an event like this as a Wednesday night program or a Sunday morning program for all ages. The goal is simple: get multiple ages together in groups, and have them create a Bible story using Legos.

Materials Needed

  • Bins with Legos
  • Printed Bible stories
  • Method for creating groups (see below)


How to Do It

1. Create the Groups
Begin with an icebreaker that automatically forms the groups that people will work in. For example: have paper pieces that are parts of a Cheeseburger. Everyone gets a different piece (bun, lettuce, pickle etc) and groups with others to create a full burger. For fun: play the song “Cheeseburger in Paradise” while they get in groups!

Other similar options for group making:

  • Build an ice cream sundae using paper pieces
  • Make a rainbow using colored craft sticks
  • Complete a fruit basket using different types of fruit

*Note: Children four years and younger can stay with parents, but five and older are encouraged to be with others not in their family.

2. Get to Know You
Once the groups are formed, they choose a table to sit together and everyone shares their name and talks with each other for a few minutes before directions are given. In the center of each table there is a bin of Legos.

3. Hand Out Bible Stories
Give a different Bible story to each table. These could be the readings from the Sundays in a certain season (Advent, Lent, etc.)  Or you could use the Bible stories from VBS and use this activity as an introduction or follow-up to VBS. You could also choose parables from the Gospels. For more ideas, check out the Bible stories in the book Building Faith Brick by Brick by Emily Given.

4. Engage the Bible and Create!
Have someone at each table read their assigned story aloud to the table group. Then have each person at the table create a response to the story using the Legos, or have the whole group work on one response creation where everyone adds something. Allow enough time for thought and creativity.

5. Share the Creations
Ring a bell when the time is up and ask each table to share about their creations. This discussion will lead to deeper engagement and shared learning. People can share with their table mates, or if each table has made one creation, they can share with the large group.


Alternative Ideas

This activity can be done with other objects instead of Legos. Different craft materials could be used to create an art board, fabric banner, etc. Each table could have a tub with crazy random items gathered from everywhere – like a spatula, a toy animal, a ruler, a rock, etc. – and each table has to use the items to make something that responds to their story. The key is getting people to work together, all while discussing and engaging a Bible story

For an edible version, you could use snack items like graham crackers, cereal, fruit, vegetables, etc. Again, hand out Bible stories and instruct the groups to create a response with the food items. Then of course they can eat their creation after they share!

This is a lot of fun and a great way to get all the generations working, learning and playing together.


Kathy Graham is the Lifelong Christian Formation Coordinator in the Episcopal Diocese of Alabama. She served as director of Children’s ministry for two parishes – one small and one large- for 16 years. Kathy holds a M.A. degree in Early Childhood education and was a classroom teacher for preschool, kindergarten and first grade.


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