Creating Mission Statements and Vision Statements

Creating Mission Statements and Vision Statements



Many churches have vision statements. Many have mission statements. What’s the difference? Does a church need both? Is one better than the other? It all depends on what you’re trying to accomplish, as well as what you’re trying to communicate with others – in your congregation and beyond.

A visionary is someone who imagines possible futures. Creates momentum for leading with inspiration. FUTURE

A missionary is someone who does work under the guidance of a larger objective. Manages and creates new ideas for working toward the vision. PRESENT

Similarly, the vision statement describes how the world will be different because of the existence of the group, while the mission statement provides the ‘vehicle’ for the vision; it describes the means that will be used to achieve the desired future. Because of their nature, the vision statement generally lasts for the life of the organization, while a mission statement should be revisited every two to three years to make sure that the means being used to attain the vision are still relevant. When crafting these statements for your organization, consider the following questions:


What is the future you want to create for the community you wish to address?


What do we do? 
For whom do we do it? 
What is the impact?

Vision Statement: This is the big picture. The word vision means the conception of an image. In a vision statement you say where it is you want to go.

Mission Statement: This flows directly from the vision statement. It is the implementation of the vision and it outlines what must happen to realize the vision. It’s a “how-we-will-get-there” guide that contains action words and adjectives that modify them.

A good mission statement: will do/contain/is the following:

  • Elicits an emotional, motivational response
  • Is easily understood and can be transferred into individual action
  • Has a measurable, attainable goal
  • Is three to four sentences long
  • Is simple, honest and frank
  • Is fully believed

The following are some action words that may help get your creative juices flowing as you tackle your mission statement:

Action Words:

Develop Expand Create
Illustrate Do Facilitate
Make Educate Incorporate
Solidify Integrate Involve
Apply Market Produce
Promote Solve Fulfill
Access Act Analyze
Encourage Evaluate Support
Collaborate Emphasize Change
Correlate Invent Advertise

Here are some values that may help you as you create your vision statement:


Financial security

Contribution Help
Purpose of life Possessions Diversity
Free time Effort Family
Frugality Learning Generosity
Happiness Justice Relationships
Order Lifestyle Productivity
Personal growth Security Development of values
Sincerity Truth Work
Wealth Peace of mind Fame
Spiritual fulfillment Life Travel
Sense of accomplishment Respect Points of view



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