S.P.Y. Parables (Leader Resources)

S.P.Y. Parables (Leader Resources)

S.P.Y Parables

Note: Because this is a perennial VBS, the review has not been updated since it was originally written.

Cost: $39.95

S.P.Y. Parables is a three-session program designed to explore the meaning of the Kingdom of God. Children study three specific parables—the mustard seed, the pearl of great price, and the yeast or leaven ─ by following clues that unlock the lessons hidden within the multi-layered stories. The program is theologically sound and developmentally appropriate for elementary-aged children.

The program is low-key, providing a break from the fast pace many families keep. There is time for children and adults to reflect on the story and form relationships. S.P.Y. Parables might be a good program for a winter VBS offered between Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Age Levels:     Elementary (through Grade 6)


X          Director’s Guide


  • Activities encourage creativity in visioning the Kingdom of God.
  • Service components are included for each session.
  • Snack suggestions are thematic and healthy overall.


  • Music is a weak component, relying on the purchase of CDs or using songs on YouTube; many of the URL links did not work.
  • Crafts repeat the major theme but are somewhat limited.
  • No game suggestions are included. Leaders should introduce games of varying levels of movement.
  • Although the program includes instructions on making crafts, nametags, and other items, putting everything together would take significant effort.

Reviewed by Dorothy Linthicum.

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