Board Game of the Christian Life

Board Game of the Christian Life

Humans are hard-wired to find patterns.

Christians are hard-wired to follow Jesus.

In patterns we find meaning; for Christians, that meaning points to a Christ-centered and God-filled world.


These aspects of our life create fertile ground for creative Christian formation. For Lisa Kimball and Patricia Lyons, this took the shape of an Epic Game during their keynote addresses at the 2014 Forma Tapestry Conference.  


The Game looks at both Lifelong Formation – recognizing that learning is not confined to a specific age, but takes place throughout life – and Lifewide Formation –  equipping the learner to notice the choices that can be made in response to everyday challenges and opportunities. Creating a Game will start to describe patterns of need and response  – opportunities to put into practice our Christian way of life.


The results of Your Game will be unique to your congregation, providing rich details of lifewide events that are significant in your lives.


We’ve linked directions for the game below. We invite you to explore it, tinker with it, create new conversations and possibilities for ministry with it. Then come back and share what you’ve learned!


Click here to for Intsructions for The Ultimate Epic Adventure Board Game


Examples of game pieces (think Monopoly)


Building the game – in this case we had A LOT of cards


The colored cards are grouped to represent periods of life (childhood, teenage years, etc…)



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