Vacation Bible School Reviews

Vacation Bible School Reviews

We have added a new twist to our VBS 2018 reviews! Information about contents of new and perennial programs are still featured, but the descriptions are now focused on the publishers, which remain consistent over the years.

What Are Publisher Reviews?

Over the years, we discovered that our Top Picks came from the same three or four publishing houses. Instead of describing each new program, we discuss underlying pedagogy and theological stances of publishers that has remained constant. We are recommending that in the future, users go directly to the publishing houses they prefer for their VBS programming. Leaders can start looking for programs earlier in the year that are consistent with their theology and pedagogical preferences. VBS programs will continue to have a range of themes and unique foci, which we will explore and describe each year. Our reviews for new programs include a publisher review, website URL, cost of a starter kit, theme and daily content, along with strengths and weaknesses of programs from each publishing house.

Message and Purpose

We believe VBS can be a powerful tool for evangelism for your church. Be sure to select a program that mirrors the mission and theology of your church and community. Look beyond a catchy theme to the way scripture is used and the messages, both explicitly and implicitly, the participants will receive.

Often, VBS directors and leaders will need to adapt a program to insure it reflects their church’s teaching and beliefs. These decisions and changes should be made before volunteer staff are given materials to use.

Finally, Vacation Bible School should be fun and engaging for everyone involved. This is a time to celebrate God’s love and the goodness of creation!

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