A Prayer You Must Try: The Shouting Prayer

A Prayer You Must Try: The Shouting Prayer

Worship at Shrine Mont

Shrine Mont, a Christian retreat center in Orkney Springs, Virginia lies in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley.  During the summer, Shrine Mont welcomes over 900 campers throughout the summer, with various camps and sessions. While the camp themes differ (art, sports, outdoors), worship is the time that draws them all together.

And the best worship tradition has to be THE SHOUTING PRAYER.

You can read the full history of the prayer here. The Shouting Prayer was written by The Rev. Churchill Gibson, camp chaplain from 1964-1983.  The prayer works brilliantly for children and youth because it is prayed with call and response, and all must SHOUT each line. Here is a video of St. George’s camp doing the prayer at opening worship.



Text of the Shouting Prayer

God loves the world! (God loves the world!)
God loves us! (God loves us!)
God loves you! (God loves you!)
I love you! (I love you!)
God loves me! (God loves me!)
I love me! (I love me!)
Thanks be to God!  (Thanks be to God!)
Amen! (Amen!)
Aaaamen! (Aaaamen!)



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