A Video for Formation – Unsung Hero

A Video for Formation – Unsung Hero

This summer at Building Faith we have been posting some videos that you can hopefully use in your ministry context.

This particular one is actually a commercial from Thailand, and it is tremendous!

It centers around the theme of generosity.  But woven into this miniature story (it really is a three-minute short film) are images of spirituality, community, witness, ethics, and love.

Is this a video you could use for a small group?  A youth group?  A sermon?

Let us know!




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  1. Yes, I saw this circulating earlier this week. I have watched it multiple times. I plan to use it as part of a 3-hour workshop in congregations called the “Generosity Project” that focuses on developing generosity as a faith practice that begins in the home. The workshop brings all generations together for conversation and interaction about being lifelong stewards of all God provides. This will be a perfect film to generate conversation between all ages.

  2. Thanks Linda! Sounds like a wonderful fit. May God bless you and the workshop!

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