Buying Christian Christmas Cards: 5 Online Sources

Buying Christian Christmas Cards: 5 Online Sources

“Behold, the virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel.” -Isaiah 7:14


My Trip to Target
My wife and I like to send Christmas cards featuring the Holy Family – it’s just our family preference. A few years ago, I ventured to Target to buy Christmas cards, hoping to find a card with Mary, Joseph, and the infant Jesus. The Christmas card aisle was HUGE, with images of reindeer, holly, and bells abounding. Santa did very well, as did the words Peace and Joy.

When it came to Biblical imagery, however, the options were sparse. A few cards showed the magi, and others featured silhouetted stables. But as for a depiction of the Holy Family, there was nothing to be found. After searching every shelf, I finally found one small box of cards on the bottom row (I am not even making this up, it had a fine layer of dust on it), with a painting of Jesus in the manger flanked by his parents.

Now, I can get on my soapbox and demur the secularization of Christmas… or I can just tell you to avoid Target when buying Christmas cards. Instead, consider the wonderful websites listed below. You can order early, pick from a variety of options, and receive your cards directly to your door. Enjoy! And don’t forget to send a Christmas card to your church.

5 Websites for Buying Christmas Cards
The following sites all have nice options for cards with Christian inspiration and images/quotations from Scripture.

The Printery House
This is my favorite, and the site from which we order our cards every year. They have a wide selection (use the dropdown menu to navigate sections). Cards have a scripture verse on the inside cover, while the main body text offers a hope filled greeting. You can also add personalization or print your return address on the envelopes – time saver! Printery House is run by a religious community.

Gallery Collection
I like the layout of this site. Many of the cards feature beautiful scenes from famous works of Christian art. Gorgeous and traditional. Card messages and envelopes are also customizable.

A wide selection, and there is something here for everyone. The Christian messages are hopeful and well chosen. Excellent prices.

This is a smaller selection, but the cards are high quality, with poetic Christian messages. Some of the cards have terrific contemporary graphic design. Finally, the site features excellent pictures of the cards, so you can see exactly what you’re getting – inside and out.

Bread for the World
This non-profit offers several striking Christmas cards each year. The cards always feature a contemporary person or family reminiscent of the Holy Family, shepherds, etc., but living in places where hunger is a present reality. Scripture quotations complete each card.


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