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Three Teaching Points for Epiphany

While the season of Epiphany does not get as much hype as the preceding seasons of Advent and Christmas, Epiphany reminds us that Christmas is just the beginning of the story.

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Epiphany: What Does it Reveal?

The liturgical year invites— no —compels us to continue to tell the story with ritual, to tell the stories at home. We cannot remain in the manger with angels singing on high, however sweet that is

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Plan an Epiphany Party… With King Cake!

The Feast of the Epiphany, January 6th, is just around the corner. There are many ideas to celebrate this remembrance of the Visitation of the Magi. Every party could use a special cake, room decorations as well as community singing. Here are some ideas to add to your own church’s tradition to mark this feast day on our church calendar.

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February 2nd: Groundhog Day or Candlemas?

February 2nd has, for centuries, been celebrated as a Christian Feast Day as the Feast of the Presentation, honoring the day on which the baby Jesus was brought to the Temple in Jerusalem by his parents Mary and Joseph. The name Candlemas refers to the blessing of candles and the processions, traditional elements of the celebration.

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Digging Deeper: New Year’s Resolutions

The season of Epiphany is a season of beginnings. It starts in January, the month when popular culture invites us to consider changes we want to make in our lives. Many of us who try keeping New Year’s resolutions know how easy it is to lose track of our goals.

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