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Generations & Stewardship

When it comes to stewardship (whether it be of time, talent, or treasure) every generation approaches giving in different ways. Each generation has its own characteristics and tendencies that will affect their motivation giving, which can vary according to income, race, education, region of the country, and attendance.

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Building Faith @ Rooted in Jesus

We are attending Rooted in Jesus to learn from innovative leaders, find new potential writers from Building Faith, introduce Building Faith to formation folks from around the country, and present workshops.

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Webinar: Professional Development

This webinar will discuss how Jason and Mike’s personal and professional development has grown over the years. Diving into why personal/professional development is needed and how to identify opportunities and examples of communities, for-profit and non-profit networks and other resources.

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Recovering from Christmas

When you work for a church, it can be an all out sprint from Thanksgiving to Christmas Day from pageant practice to reviewing bulletins and trying to get your own home (and heart) prepared for the season. Here are some ideas for Christmastide renewal!

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