Building Faith Reaches One Million Page Views!

Building Faith Reaches One Million Page Views!

“By reading and sharing Building Faith content, you are propelling this movement.”



One Million Page Views: Thank You, Readers!

Matthew and Charlotte manage… contributors write articles… the Center for the Ministry of Teaching supports… But YOU read and share! This month (March 2016) Building Faith surpassed one million all-time page views! Such a milestone is thanks to you, our readers. By reading and sharing Building Faith content, you are propelling this movement. Because of you, is a trusted resource for Christian faith formation.

A Brief History of Building Faith

In the summer of 2010, renowned Christian educator Sharon Ely Pearson created The website began as a venture of Church Publishing, Inc. and took shape with help from Cathy Ode and the designers at Inspiring Apps. The goal was “to become nothing less than the premier online community for those involved in faith formation.” To do meet this goal, Sharon reached out to writers and contributors around the country. Building Faith provided (and still does!) advice, support, best practices, and resources for faith formation leaders of all denominations.

In January 2014, a plan arose for the Center for the Ministry of Teaching (CMT) at Virginia Theological Seminary (VTS) to take on Building Faith. Since that time, Matthew Kozlowski and Charlotte Hand Greeson, CMT team members, have managed the website. We are grateful to Sharon, a VTS graduate herself, for her continued support.

BF Team 1
Matthew Kozlowski, Sharon Ely Pearson, Charlotte Hand Greeson at VTS, March 2016.

“It has been incredible to watch how Building Faith has grown since the CMT at VTS took the reins. It’s a little hard to let one’s child fly from the nest, but Matthew and Charlotte have taken the site to a whole new level that I never dreamed about. They have truly ‘built’ a faith community of best practices, resources, conversation, and support. Its breadth and depth have gotten wider and deeper.”  -Sharon Ely Pearson (VTS ’03), Editor and Christian Formation Specialist with Church Publishing, Inc.


Thank you, Writers!

Over the years, more than 140 people have contributed articles to Building Faith. We thank you for sharing your experience and wisdom. Check out the video list of contributors below. (Our most sincere apologies if your name has accidentally been omitted).





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