3 Prayers for Earth Day

3 Prayers for Earth Day

“God, you have made our world and seen that it is good; grant to us, created to complete your work, the bright, delightful vision that makes us care for what we do.”


Three Prayers for Earth Day

Collect for the Stewardship of Creation
O merciful Creator, your hand is open wide to satisfy the
needs of every living creature: Make us always thankful for
your loving providence; and grant that we, remembering the
account that we must one day give, may be faithful stewards
of your good gifts; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who with
you and the Holy Spirit lives and reigns, one God, for ever
and ever. Amen.
(The Episcopal Book of Common Prayer, p. 259)

Collect for the Seventh Sunday in Epiphany
God of unchangeable power,
when you fashioned the world
the morning stars sang together
and the host of heaven shouted for joy:
Open our eyes to the wonders of creation
and teach us to use all things for good,
to the honor of your glorious Name. Amen.
(A New Zealand Prayer Book, p. 569)

Prayer to the Lord of Creation
Come Lord Christ, king of the earth,
lead us as we walk with you
that the earth may be healed.

Come, Holy Spirit hovering over the water
and guide us as we sail to you,
that the waters may flow with life.

Come, you angels of the fire and light
and show us how to dance with you,
that in the light may be born
the flame of love.

Come, you breath of the air,
and inspire us with the breath of you,
that the air may reverberate with
the sound of the word.

Come, Lady Mary and the saints of heaven
and help us to pray with you,
that the earth may be redeemed through
the love of Christ.
(By Brendanus Scotus, found in Lord of Creation.)


Why Should Christians Care About Earth Day?

Earth Day celebrates the beauty of this fragile planet, our island home. We are also charged, each April 22nd, with the ongoing care and advocacy of creation. The intersection of faith and Earth Day makes sense for many Christians. Speaking to an ecumenical assembly in 2008, Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams said the following:

“Every Sunday in the creed, Christians confess their faith in God who created the world we inhabit. It’s God’s gift. As stewards of that gift, each of us has responsibility, both to God and to generations to come, to ensure that this remains a sustainable world. Placing environmental concerns at the heart of our Christian worship for this fixed time each year demonstrates our shared commitment to this end.”




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