Webinar: Planning for VBS (recording & resources)

Webinar: Planning for VBS (recording & resources)

“Jesus said, ‘Whoever receives one such child in my name receives me.’”
-Matthew 18:4-5




Planning for VBS
Building Faith contributes to a webinar series called Wisdom from the Field. This series is produced by the Center for the Ministry of Teaching, with the mission of bringing inspiration and advice to ministry leaders. This webinar focused on Vacation Bible School.Big picture thoughts about goals and objectives of VBS, as well as practical tips for running a successful program.

Your Expert Panelists: Lisa Brown and Emily Given
Lisa Brown is the author of “The Best VBS Workbook Ever!” as well as the Director of Digital Ministry for Membership Vision, and the former Director of Children’s Ministry and Communications Coordinator for St. Paul’s Episcopal Church. She is passionate about helping people find God through experiential learning, collaborative art, and in the digital space.

Emily Given is the Director of Parish Participation at St. Thomas Church, Whitemarsh in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania. Emily’s background in social work, Christian formation, professional organizing, and non-profit administration provides a unique and diverse depth of experience. She was previously a Director of Children and Family Ministry in Dallas, TX. Emily, a mixed media artist, is the mother of two daughters, McKenzie and Scout, and a corgi-shepherd mix named Sherman.

Recorded Webinar Video – Free
Click below to watch the full recorded webinar. (Note: you may hear some echo on the sound. We apologize. The echo goes away at minute 15:00.)


Additional Resources

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  1. Nancy

    Thank you for another excellent webinar. I have been involved in organizing VBS for many years, but there were several points that were either new (contacting the publisher for churches to which I can pass materials) or were excellent reminders (social media rules). What a wonderful resource! Congratulations on the good work and sharing of so many wonderful ideas via webinar.

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