All God’s Children: The Church Family Gathers for a Very Blessed Summer (GenOn Ministries)

All God’s Children: The Church Family Gathers for a Very Blessed Summer (GenOn Ministries)

All God’s Children: The Church Family Gathers for a Very Blessed Summer

Note: Because this is a perennial VBS, the review has not been updated since it was originally written.

Cost: $50.25 (download)

GenOn Ministries’ intergenerational program allows the entire church family to grow and celebrate their faith together. Using psalms and Gospel readings, this VBS explores what it means to be a follower of Jesus, from the very young to the very old, and everyone in between. Each of the 5 sessions includes time for all ages to share a meal, listen and respond to scripture, play games, work on a craft, and sing together. In addition, each day has “at home” conversation starters that allow families to extend and remember the topic.

This VBS is not intended to replace age-specific events or programs but is intended to broaden your congregation’s opportunities to build relationships, carry one another’s burdens, and celebrate joys.

Age Levels:     Specifically Intergenerational


X          Director’s Guide                      X          Fully resourced Pinterest pages


  • Perfect for a small congregation, with little set-up or significant volunteer time.
  • Excellent use of Pinterest to offer ideas for decorating, crafts, food, and mission/outreach.
  • Take-It-Home Blessings keep the topic relevant for more than the 2 hours of VBS time.
  • Each session stands alone so those who attend will be fully included and not feel they have missed content. “Blessing Others” outreach component can extend the entire set of lessons.
  • Strong explanation of purpose of intergenerational faith programming.


  • Planning details are inadequate. VBS leader needs a good grasp of group planning as there are no specific supply lists or volunteer responsibilities.
  • Safe practices guidelines need to be addressed for such a multi-age gathering.
  • Scripture readings are designed for short attention spans. Leader will need to decide how to present Bible stories to capture wide-range of comprehension levels.
  • Scripture responses are all verbal. Mixed-media responses, not all words, would be welcome, i.e. respond with Legos, with painting, with poetry, with movement.
  • Without specific guidelines for time, VBS director will have to test out each activity.

Reviewed by Charlotte Greeson.

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