Aslan is on the Move! (Leader Resources)

Aslan is on the Move! (Leader Resources)

Aslan is on the Move!

Note: Because this is a perennial VBS, the review has not been updated since it was originally written.

Cost: $59.95 (download)

This creative intergenerational curriculum uses C.S. Lewis’ beloved fantasy The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe to explore theology. While it does not contain any direct references to Scripture or Church history, this VBS explores Christian theology on a broad scale.

C.S. Lewis wrote the Narnia series “as an unconscious preparation of the imagination” to explore the deep power of faith and belief. Acting in the imagination prepares us to respond in faithful ways when we are confronted with meanness and treachery.

Themes of the five days are:

Session 1 – Discovery of Narnia: how ideas color behavior.
Session 2 –  Discovery of the Beavers and the abiding hope that Aslan will return: how values lead to action.
Session 3 – Father Christmas and Spring return, Aslan greets the group at the Stone Table, and Peter wins his first battle: how fear and love affect actions, and the power of forgiveness and reconciliation.
Session 4 – Aslan and the Witch strike a bargain: the meaning of a willing sacrifice, abiding belief, grief and joy.
Session 5 – Joy of Coronation: how this adventure expresses truth and reality for us and connects to familiar celebrations.

Age Levels:  Intergenerational


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  • Offers opportunity for profound new understandings about life for all ages.
  • Creates a magical VBS with the lamppost, the wardrobe door, Turkish Delight, and all the other fantasy elements from the story.
  • Includes interactive activities plus discussion questions.


  • Does not include scriptural references.
  • Constructing props calls for creative use of materials and space.
  • Does not have a traditional VBS flow; if space or time are limitations, it can be challenging to adapt.
  • Does not include fully-developed large motor games.

Reviewed by Lori Daniels.

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