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Welcoming Visitors at the Holidays and Year Round

Christmas worship services are full of first-time guests and those who might tentatively stay awhile. There may not be a lot of time at these services to get to know someone new, but there is ample opportunity to set the stage for further conversations

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Come to the Manger

An historic church welcomes overflow Christmas Eve crowds in a new way. Families and friends gather around the manger, celebrating Emmanuel, God with us!

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Christmas Pageant Ideas, Tips, and Scripts

Does your church offer a Christmas pageant? Whether you worship in a large or small community; lots of kids or just a few – there is an option out there for you. Not all Christmas pageants need to be full-scale productions. In fact, there are many ways to dramatize the Nativity story with a handful of costumes/props and willing set of actors.

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In Defense of the Christmas Cookie – Recipes included

Baking cookies offers an important component to bake sales, caroling, and gifts: cooperation, concentration…and sugar! Making cookies from scratch is not much more complicated than ripping open a box or slicing cookies from a tube. However, it is infinitely more satisfying, and teaches young people important kitchen skills.

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