Making Videos for Christian Education: 19 Topic Ideas

Making Videos for Christian Education: 19 Topic Ideas


With the advent of using technology in curriculum, one of the media that can be tapped into successfully is the use of video – not just popping in a DVD, but creating and / or thinking outside the box in how this platform can be use. With YouTube, Vimeo and now the quick Vine (from Twitter), plus the ability of smart phones to record bits of video, showing “movies” can allow all kinds of creativity to take place.

Matthew Moretz, priest at St. Bartholomew’s Episcopal Church in New York City and known for his Fr. Matthew Presents productions, recently shared how video presentations may be used in church at the recent Christian Formation Conference held at Kanuga in North Carolina:

  • Show and explain a worship service
  • Record a sermon
  • Feature a church event
  • Highlight a music event
  • Interview church members or guests
  • Explain a Sunday School lesson, EfM course, Godly Play, etc.
  • Offer a meditation on a piece of scripture
  • Offer a meditation on a theological concept
  • Provide instruction on a liturgical aspect of the church
  • Read the headlines in the news from a Christian lens
  • Show a skit or play featuring members of your congregation
  • Feature a piece of art or architecture in your building
  • Advertise a future event
  • Feature church music or instruments
  • Highlight a lay ministry
  • Feature a diocesan ministry or church-wide initiative
  • Interview church members, guest speakers and theologians (of all ages)
  • Give a tour of the church
  • Present an historial event in your church

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