Wizards and Wonders: A Hero’s Journey with Harry Potter (Leader Resources)

Wizards and Wonders: A Hero’s Journey with Harry Potter (Leader Resources)

Wizards and Wonders: A Hero’s Journey with Harry Potter

Note: Because this is a perennial VBS, the review has not been updated since it was originally written.

Cost: $49.95 (download)

This Vacation Bible Experience uses the popular Harry Potter character to explore theologically life’s journey as a path to the inner self and to the Creator. The curriculum connects Harry Potter’s experiences with Biblical teachings. For example, the New Testament teaches that the Kingdom of Heaven is all around us and in us, and Jesus advises: “Let he who has ears hear and he who has eyes see.” Likewise, in the Harry Potter books, the Wizarding World – representing magic with its possibilities for transformation – is all around and in the midst of the Muggles, but they do not see it. 

   The five sessions and the daily Bible stories are:

Day 1: Platform 9-3/4; Moses is called by God (Exodus 2-4)
Day 2: Quidditch; Jesus calls his disciples (Matthew 4, 9, 10; Mark 1,2,3; Luke 5,6); and One body, many parts (Paul’s letter to the Corinthians)
Day 3: A Night in the Forbidden Forest; Elijah and the still, small voice (1 Kings 19:9-15)
Day 4: Snares, Dares and Potions; Temptations in the wilderness (Matthew 4; Mark 1; Luke 4)
Day 5: The Mirror of Erised; The Resurrection (The Baptismal Covenant)

Age Levels:       Intergenerational


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  • Inclusion of resources with direct connection to the Harry Potter books, including a Hogwarts Acceptance Letter for each child, the Sorting Hat, Invisibility Cloak, Owl Mail Delivery and other wonders from the imaginary world of Harry and Hermione.
  • Opportunity for children to learn a lot about themselves (in “identity” exercises) and to gain confidence for the life journey ahead of them.
  • Theological background for each day is provided for the leaders. 
  • Includes lots of active games and the Hogwarts Song.


  • Requires free-spirited leaders.
  • Requires advance preparation of space and materials.

Reviewed by Lori Daniels.

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