Lisa Pinkham

Lisa Dodge Pinkham graduated Gordon-Conwell Seminary with a M.A. in Religion and University of New Hampshire with a B.S. in Exercise Physiology and minors in Psychology, Dance and Education.

Lisa just completed one year on staff as Christian Formation Coordinator at Christ Church Parish in Stevensville, Md. She is a Certified Health Coach and a self-published author of the book Real Talk with God: How to Get Your Head Out of the Ditch of Despair and currently facilitates online Christian formation groups.

She has served as campus minister with Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, directed her own dance school, homeschooled, taught and best of all, raised two amazing daughters with her husband. She is thankful for all the ways they learned to experience God’s love through books, dancing, creating, overcoming challenges and recreating in nature. Check out her YouTube Channel here: