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Reflection: Easter is my New Lent…

This Easter season, my faith has been changed. And it’s a result of what I gave up for Lent, which would be exactly nothing. Is it a result of what I took on for Lent? Yes, but the answer may surprise you. What I took on for Lent was indulgence. Shocking. Scandalous. Unintentional. But it truly changed me. After all, isn’t that what Lent is supposed to do?

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Easter Symbols – What do Bunnies, Eggs, and Bonnets have to do with Jesus?

Our Christian faith is rich in symbolism, both ancient and modern. Easter, after our period of study and repentance, offers us every opportunity to share the Love of God in Jesus Christ and to share our joy that He is risen indeed!

*Chocolate bunnies, meanwhile, don’t have much to teach us about Christianity. They are good to eat, and always the first to go from my Easter basket, starting with the ears!

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An Interview with Mary Magdalene

A reporter for the Jerusalem Journal, a distant cousin of Mary Magdalene, sat down with Mary Magdalene, privately, in a interview that lasted about an hour. This is the unofficial version of that interview, which up to this time, has never been published.

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Defending the Easter Egg Hunt!

Our annual Easter Egg Hunt is under attack. Not from parishioners or clergy who question the religiosity of the tradition, nor from the expense of filling plastic eggs with candy, stickers, and tiny toys for a quickly increasing number of children. No, we’re under attack by local wildlife, who after many years of oblivion have suddenly discovered that once a year St. Barnabas holds a smorgasbord served in odd plastic ovals.

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Come Back, Easter Crowd!

Over the years, I have seen churches of all sizes compel the “Easter Crowd” to return the following weekend and eventually become part of the congregation. With some pre-planning and strategic intent, you can improve your odds at getting back the people who, otherwise, you might not see again for another year.

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An Easter Story: The Empty Egg

As she pondered the situation, guilt washed over her. “Here I am complaining when my problems are nothing compared to that family, trying to meet what were probably many medical bills due to his various issues,” she thought. “Lord, please help me to be more patient with Jeremy.” From that day on, she tried hard to ignore Jeremy’s noises and his blank stares.

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