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Pancake Supper Survival Guide

You agreed in a pre-pageant haze to take over this year’s Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper. Lent seemed so far away… Now it’s around the corner. We can help. Tips, plus free downloads for placemat and tri-fold.

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Lent in a Bag: An Activity for Church or Home

We have discovered that distributing small bags (cloth or ziplock bags) with symbols of the season assists individuals and families to “practice” Lent at home. Instructions, reflections (on purple paper) to go with each item, and materials are placed inside.

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3 Teaching Points for Lent

Lent is a time for intentional re-connection with God, “by self-examination and repentance; by prayer, fasting, and self-denial; and by reading and meditating on God’s holy Word.” Here are 3 teaching points to help direct your teaching.

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Creating a Lenten Prayer Space at Home

In a family with small children it is often difficult to know how to create a space to journey through lent together in a developmentally appropriate way. Our family has tried different practices and readings through lent, but the one thing that has been constant in our Lenten practices is simply creating a collection of symbolic items in a central place in the home (i.e. on the family table or on a stand in a main living area).

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Shrove Tuesday at Home

Shrove Tuesday is an occasion to encourage members to consider hosting a “Fat Tuesday” dinner in their own homes and invite neighbors, friends, and family

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What’s in YOUR Lent in a Bag: Shared Photos!

Readers have been sharing Lent in a Bag ideas since 2013. Churches around the country have put their spin on ‘Lent in a Bag’ and we asked them to share with you! Check out these pictures of all the different versions from a wide variety of churches.

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Books & Music for Lent from Paraclete Press

As the calendar draws near to Lent, many churches and individuals are looking for books and resources for the journey. Paraclete Press has new offerings for Lent, as well as trusted favorites. From books to CDs… children to adults… there is something for everyone.

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The Church Has Many Doors: Inviting Others to Lent

So…invite people to Lent! I know it seems a bit counter-intuitive, but it isn’t really. What do all the studies tell us that people in the U.S. want from religion or spirituality? They want a sense of mystery, silence, a connection to God and connections to others. How can you open your many doors and offer this to your community during Lent?

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What Do Teens Say About Lent?

At Building Faith, we are interested in the length and breadth of Christian formation. As educators, we form disciples who will listen for God’s voice and do God’s work in the world, and we often concentrate on adult education and young children.

Teenagers, however, are notoriously elusive – they’re most likely to tell us what they think we want to hear, even if what we really want to hear is deep in their heart. Jane Gober, who ministers to teens in the Diocese of Spokane, provided us with a small survey and some research on teens and Lent.

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