Pilgrimage: Seeking the Kingdom of God (Leader Resources)

Pilgrimage: Seeking the Kingdom of God (Leader Resources)

Pilgrimage: Seeking the Kingdom of God

Note: Because this is a perennial VBS, the review has not been updated since it was originally written.

Cost: $74.95 (download)

A Second Pilgrimage: Still Seeking the Kingdom of God

Cost: $74.95 (download)

Using the same program structure, this curriculum journeys with Teresa of Avila, Mary the mother of Jesus, Francis of Assisi, the Apostle Paul, and Hildegard of Bingen.

Pilgrimage transports students into the Middle Ages to journey as pilgrims to sites where they learn from the lives of people of faith. During the Middle Ages, Christians began the practice of journeying to distant locations, to deepen their experience of God and others.

On this pilgrimage, participants travel to the ultimate destination for God’s faithful people: the Kingdom of God. Over five sessions, children find a road map that helps them to know themselves and others in new ways as they seek to know God as Creator, Savior and Holy Spirit.

Participants travel to five sites that were common destinations for medieval pilgrims: Rome, Italy; Canterbury, England; Santiago de Campostela, Spain; Dumfermline, Scotland; and Croagh Patrick, Ireland. Each day features not only a different destination but a different saint: St.  Peter, Thomas Becket, James the Greater, Margaret of Scotland, and St. Patrick.

The heart of the daily experience is the Street Fair. Children become bakers, bookbinders, clothiers, painters, needle workers, stonemasons, woodworkers, and storytellers. Guilds of students then meet to discuss their experiences in the Street Fair. The day closes with community singing, prayer, and worship.

Age Levels:       Intergenerational (Preschool needs separate program)


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  • Children learn about medieval and church history as well as the lives of saints.
  • Exciting medieval setting, with shields, street fairs, and crafts from woodworking to bookbinding.
  • Important daily themes – such as “The Kingdom of God is within you” — and memory verses.
  • Clear and complete instructions.


  • Requires considerable advance preparation for street fair activities.

Reviewed by Lori Daniels.

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