The Halloween Pumpkin: A Christian Twist

The Halloween Pumpkin: A Christian Twist

On An Autumn Evening, On An Autumn Evening, Give Us Light! Give Us Light!





Carving Pumpkins and Christian Theology
The Lord has been known by many names throughout history; surely “Great Pumpkin” is not the strangest. For those of us not yet called to glory, the world goes on, and like Linus, we, too, keep vigil in the pumpkin patch, awaiting his coming.

And while we sit carving our jack o’lanterns, we might remember these words of St. Paul:
Your attitude must be that of Christ. Though he was in the form of God, he did not deem equality with God something to be grasped at. Rather, he emptied himself… Because of this, God has exalted him. (Philippians 2:6-9)

Could there be a better symbol for our Christian life than the harvest time jack o’lantern? Are not we, like Jesus, called to be emptied out and filled with light? That is scary, to be sure. But there is always a smile on the face of the Great Pumpkin.

An Evening Hymn for Autumn
To sing after the evening meal or at bedtime in those dark autumn nights toward the end of October as winter is coming on…. Sing the following lyrics to the tune of “Frere Jacques,” three times, each in a slightly higher key, with the lights out – except, of course, for the candle in your smiling Halloween jack o’lantern!

O Great Pumpkin, O Great Pumpkin,
Give Us Light! Give Us Light!
On An Autumn Evening, On An Autumn Evening,
Give Us Light! Give Us Light!


Sharon Ely Pearson is an editor and the Christian Formation Specialist for Church Publishing Incorporated (CPI). She is the author/editor of several books, most recently The Episcopal Christian Educator’s Handbook and Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Theologies of Confirmation for the 21st Century. When not traveling for work or pleasure, she enjoys tossing tennis balls to her year old black lab, Chobe.

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