Webinar: Self-Care and Technology

Webinar: Self-Care and Technology


Self-Care in a Digital World

Faith leaders manage personal and professional communications, social media accounts, and a constant barrage of information and dings. How can you create a personal digital sabbath or rule of life, and digital boundaries so as to NOT burn yourself out?

Hear the stories of Rev. Keith Anderson and Andrea Rosenberg McKellar and learn about how they went from digitally overwhelmed to working on their streamlined online lives.

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About the Presenters

Our presenters come with a wealth of experience in juggling the demands of ministry in a digital world within parish, diocesan, and higher education settings.

Keith Anderson has been using digital technology in parish ministry for more than a decade, utilizing YouTube, podcasts, blogs and more to share the gospel and build community. He is the author of The Digital Cathedral (Morehouse, 2015) and co-author of Click2Save Reboot (Church Publishing 2018). Keith is the Associate for Digital Content for Lifelong Learning at Virginia Theological Seminary and Pastor at Upper Dublin Lutheran Church in Ambler, Pennsylvania.

Andrea McKellar is the Ministry Developer for The Episcopal Church in South Carolina. She oversees Transition Ministry, Christian Formation, Youth and Leadership training for lay leaders and clergy. Andrea serves the wider church as a board member of Forma, the Network for Christian Formation for the Episcopal Church and beyond, and on the Executive Council of The Episcopal Church. She lives in Charleston, South Carolina with her husband and two children.

Sarah Stonesifer works in Lifelong Learning at Virginia Theological Seminary as the Manager of Operations and Digital Missioner. She focuses on digital outreach, resources and training for thoughtful, innovative Christian formation for all ages. She spends her time digging into social media, faith formation, and digital communications and creating digitally-savvy leaders. Years spent as a school librarian have given Sarah experience in educational technology, lesson planning and collaborative opportunities. When she’s not working, Sarah teaches yoga and hangs out with her terrier-chihuahua, Lucas. Find her: sarahdigitally.com, Twitter and Instagram: @sarahdigitally

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