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Gathering, Blessing and Sending Forth with Paperless Music for All Ages

There are many advantages to paperless music. These songs can be used any time, any place, without preparation or printing — all you need is a leader with a song they know “by heart” and the willingness to sing. These songs allow people to be fully present without worrying about finding page numbers or hitting exact notes. This type of music is wonderful for children, older adults, and intergenerational gatherings because you do not have to be able to read or see well in order to participate. It’s also easy to include gestures, steps, or even moving around the space to paperless singing.

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Saying Goodbye to Pets

Whether we are five, fifty-five, or one hundred and five, a pet can become an incredibly significant part of our life. The love that we share with our pets is a gift from God. And when these relationships change because of death, it is appropriate to mark this change with ritual.

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